First DAISY Nurses of 2015 named at Meritus Medical Center

featured imageHAGERSTOWN, Md. – Meritus Medical Center’s nursing division recently awarded the January and February 2015 DAISY Nurse awards to two on the staff who have gone above and beyond in caring for hospital patients.
January’s DAISY Nurse is Patricia Walling, RN, who was nominated by a fellow nurse. Her nomination form recalls an incident when a couple traveling from Canada to Florida ended up in the emergency room. “Neither the patient nor his wife spoke English as their first language. The translation phone services were used for communication; however, Paty Walling is a native French speaker,” the nomination reads. “As she walked toward them and offered a greeting in their native French, it was astonishing and amazing to see their anxiety melt away. Their faces lit up and their shoulders relaxed. … She is an excellent nurse, but more importantly, she is kind, caring and considerate. She is generous with her time and intuitive when it comes to the needs of others.” February’s DAISY is Natalie Cummings, RN. A fellow nurse nominated her. “She (recently) stepped up to the plate and made a wonderful impression on the patient and his family during his final hours – palliative care at its best,” Cummings’ nomination reads. “(The patient’s) daughter … said she was so attentive to her father and the family; that Natalie went ‘way beyond’ expectations. Her exact words were, ‘I didn’t know at the time that my father and my family would be so lucky to have her as our nurse.'” DAISY nurses are selected monthly at Meritus Medical Center using nominations received from patients, families and coworkers. Nomination forms to recognize extraordinary nurses at the hospital are available throughout the campus.


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